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Additional Information 

Registration Fees

All Seasons Prep and Ship charge a ONE TIME Registration / Set up fee of $ 25 to get started.

Payment & Invoicing 

Invoices must be paid at the time of shipment. There is a 5% invoicing fee if an invoice is not paid within 5 days. This is charged every 5 days that the invoice is unpaid. There is also an additional 15% 30-day late fee charged if the invoice is not paid within 30 days and all shipments will be delayed until the invoices are paid in full. This will also result in payment before future items are shipped.  

Monthly Storage Fees

Storage of items is FREE for the first 30 days. If products sit longer than 30 days, storage fees may apply.

Property Ownership

If products sit for more than 3 months with no storage fees paid and no contact from seller, items become property of All Seasons Prep & Ship.


Once inventory has  left our facility, All Seasons Prep & Ship is not liable for any damage or product loss that may occur during transit to Amazon hubs and / or product destinations.

Package Requiements

Individual items must weigh 30lbs or less. Amazon requires each box in a shipment to be 50lbs or less. Boxes will not weigh more than 45lbs. When preparing your shipment, we will use the least number of boxes possible. 

Hazmat Items

We accept personal hygiene items such as make-up, powder, perfumes, lipstick, etc.

Shipping Invoices

Copies of orders, receipts and packing slips will be kept for up to one year, then discarded.

Our Rights

We reserve the right to update our pricing, terms or conditions at any time. Any pending orders prior to the updates will continue to be processed with the previous pricing/terms/conditions. Orders received after notification of updates will be considered as acceptance of the new pricing/terms/conditions. We reserve the right to refuse shipments, if necessary.

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