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Do you offer a product/invoices photo-taking service (in case of ungating Amazon categories), and how much? 

Yes, my cost per unit includes: Receiving, Inspection, Item pictures if damaged, Label removal, and Labeling (FNSKU, Fragile, Suffocation warning, sold as set, do not separate).

Is there a subscription fee or monthly fee? If there is, how much is it? 

I charge a one-time set up (registration) fee of $25 to get started.

Do you keep the receipt & invoices? If you do, how long would you generally keep them?

Yes, I keep all receipts, invoices, and documents pertaining to your shipments on file for 1 year. 

Do you require a minimum quantity of each shipment?


How do I start a business with you? 

If you are ready to get started, let me know and we can get everything going for you. Once you have paid your set-up fee of $25, I send over our Welcome e-mail with detailed instructions on how to get started. 

What's the turnaround time of your prep center?    

This depends on your volume. I can typically turn around inventory within 24-48 hours. I work with all sellers to create a shipping plan that will suit their needs.  

Do you offer FBM service and the cost? 

Yes, I charge $3.00/per unit - but only offer this service during certain times of the year. 

How do I pay? Is paypal acceptable? Charge by case or by month?

 I accept paypal and Stripe. I charge for shipment as soon as it is fulfilled and ready to be sent to Amazon.

***Invoices must be paid at the time of shipment.

***There is a 5% invoicing fee if an invoice is not paid within 5 days. This is charged every 5 days that the invoice is unpaid. There is also an additional 15% 30-day late fee charged if the invoice is not paid within 30 days and all shipments will be delayed until the invoices are paid in full. This will also result in payment before future items are shipped.  ***

Do you offer storage service for products and the cost?

Storage is free for items for 30 days - then $20/mo. thereafter. 

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